Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet.

Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet

Virginia State Constitution: Article 1; Section 13
That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

Alabama State Constitution: Article 1: Section 26
That every Citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the State.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Those Things We Don't Talk About

VA Forgets Veteran's Suicide, Send His New Benefits Card to His Sister

I'm dealing with the bureaucratic mess that is the VA right now.
No, it's not PTSD, but if I go through another week of absolutely zero response to email and phone messages, I may need some anger management counseling.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hump Day Rule 5 - Simone Holtznagel

Paul Marciano, founder of Guess jeans, "discovered" her on Instagram and offered her a job modeling their clothes.

Is that what they call it now...discovering?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lone Wolf?

Naked Man Accused of Raping Pit Bull in Neighbor's Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him



Monday, October 27, 2014

Memory Lane

Back when we were first stationed in Okinawa, the only milk we had was "filled milk".
It was powdered milk that was shipped from the states, then reconstituted there in Oki with a mixture of water and peanut oil. They had to put some of the fats back into the milk.

That stuff was nasty. Oh sure, you could get used to it after six months to a year, but I could never get used to it to the point that I could drink it straight. I could only have it poured over cereal or something. We got to Oki at the end of '92, so it must have been by about '96 or '97 that the plant where they did the reconstitution started to really go downhill. We would get clumps of unmixed powder, or slimy blobs of oil in our milk when we poured it out onto our cereal.
That was also right about the time that the Air Force discovered Ultra-pasteurized milk. It has a shelf life of several months, even without being refrigerated. You can find it in grocery stores if you look around. It's not stored cold, so they usually have it on a shelf somewhere.  It keeps even longer if you refrigerate it.

So the plant on Oki where they did the reconstitution went right out of business. All the GIs on the island were pretty damn happy about the new "fresh" milk. Of course, that was right about the time that it started to get real difficult to get fresh fruit in the commissary. Apparently most of the fruit arriving from the states was found to be "infested" and getting dumped in the ocean.
I'm not suggesting that these two events had anything to do with each other. I'm sure it was just a coincidence.

My first trip back to the states, after just two years over there. I was walking through the terminal during my layover in LAX and in one of those little convenience store/newsstand places, what did I see?
A cooler full of frosty condensation-coated milk. Real milk in little pint bottles. I slapped a ten-dollar bill down on the counter and grabbed a pint and started drinking it without saying a word. I slammed that pint back in about three big gulps, interrupted only by the vaguely sexual groaning noises coming from the back of my throat. It was creamy delicious like liquid ice cream. The sweetness was almost overpowering.
I stood and looked at the young lady behind the counter, then looked down at the change that she had put down from my ten. (Egad. I paid too much)
I grabbed another pint and went right back to it, only with less groaning the second time.

We moved on to England in 2000, where we started getting two quarts delivered to our door every week direct from the dairy. That was when I found out how really bad the ultra-pasteurized stuff I'd been drinking was.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday morning sleep-in #109

Alabama should have a pro football team.

What's with three teams in Florida?
Admittedly, they all suck, but if we could move just one of them up here to Alabama and start stacking it with Alabama and Auburn grads....

Outdoor temp dropped to 55!
Time to dig out the "winter wardrobe".

Ran the heat in the house for the first time this season, for an hour or so in the morning.
I have chainsaw and axe ready, but no one knocking on my door asking me to cut up and haul away their trees.
Looks like I'll have to call my firewood guy. Man, I hate paying for firewood.
Remember when you could get a cord of wood for about $200? Yeah, I'm that old.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Coffee #129


It's not a tale of two cities, more like a tale of two worlds.

Another school shooting, this time up in Washington state.

And then an article about an Oklahoma high school allowing seniors to submit pictures for the yearbook of them with their guns.

This is not a rant about the cultural differences between the coastal regions and "flyover country", although they are vast and obvious. It's more of a rant about how these two news stories were both printed at a nationally syndicated level.
There is a presupposition that allowing our children and young adults to even see a picture of a gun is "dangerous" and could "cause problems", and that this story is as nationally important as an actual school shooting.
In a sane world, the second article would never have made it into print.

This is why we will lose if we do not remain vigilant in our defense of our second amendment rights.

I would love to shove this information into the Eloi and Morlock mold, but it doesn't quite fit there, does it?


Among all the other news, an old soldier slips quietly away.

RIP CSM Robert Gallagher

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Night Drinkin' Post

Chillin' at the house. Man, that was a long week.

Time to snuggle up to a bottle of Jack.

and watch DaddyBear post Meatloaf song lyrics on Facebook. That guy is funny any day of the week...and twice on Sunday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Quiet

...too quiet.


We got an absolutely gorgeous hotel in Indian Rocks Beach FL, and they upgraded my room to a fantastic suite right on the water because I'm a super platinum diamond elite member or something like that.

aaaand the internet connection sucked to the point of nonexistence.

Whatevs. We spent a couple days drinking beer out on the deck and watching the boats go in and out of the marina.

We'll get back home in a couple days.
Until then, I probably won't be able to get a Hump Day Rule 5 post put up.
So here's some boobs.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday morning sleep-in #108

The struggle goes on and on

Borepatch linked to a couple great articles HERE.

Reminded me of an interview I caught on the BBC while on the road last week.
They were talking with a young lady named Naomi Klein, who's most recent book, This Changes Everything, explains how capitalism is the root cause of global warming.

As soon as she said the only way to save our planet is through a "managed economy" I switched off. Literally, I tuned over to the country music station.

I spent twenty years of my life serving in the military. Sworn to obey the orders of those appointed over me; I put everything I had, including my life, on the line.
Now that part of my life is over. It's time for me to enjoy the fruits of my labors. The opportunity to live in a free country and all the benefits and obligations that go along with that.

Pshaw. I've got your "managed economy" right here...

Let me sing you the song of my people

On the road for Clearwater FL.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Morning Coffee #128

I guess I should be thankful I'm not having my Saturday morning coffee in some hotel somewhere.

Today is "catch up on laundry" day, then I'm back out the door tomorrow morning for another week of hotel-hopping excitement.

Sounds glamorous, doesn't it?


Friday, October 17, 2014

Ambivalence is Death

No one at the CDC is going to say publicly that Ebola has "gone airborne", not without a full spectrum of double-blind studies conducted over several months, using a myriad collection of lab animals including (but not limited to) chimps, mice, dogs, cats, rats, bunny rabbits and cockroaches.

And if the CDC is not going to say it's airborne, then no one in a position of authority in this country (i.e. our government) is going to say that Ebola has "gone airborne".

No one wants to be excoriated as the "Chicken Little" of the Ebola scare.
That is a fate worse than death.

Even worse than death by Ebola.

Suck it, you proles. We're all going to stick to the "official statement" while we strive mightily to not be the guy that gets pilloried as the one who "should have said something earlier" when the time comes.


I have far less fear of contracting Ebola, and the suffering which would be short-lived, than I do of the "programs" that this wholly inept and dishonest administration might be willing to implement under the guise of "safety." The suffering from which would go on for decades...

David T_____


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hump Day Rule 5 - Norah Jones

Back in September 2012 I did a post on Norah; but, being a n00b blogger, I don't think I captured properly the perfection that is Norah Jones, so you get a redux.


Did you know that Norah Jones was a huge Johnny Cash fan?

Lord help me. I just got a hardon listening to a Johnny Cash tune.
I checked over my Bucket List twice, but I didn't see that anywhere on there, so I added it and marked it off...

My. Life Is. Complete. Now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Those Things We Hold Dear

I had a lovely evening with Miss B last night.

I took her to The Kyoto in Williamsburg for dinner.
Afterward, she spent an hour explaining Rugby to me...I still don't get it.

but it looks like fun, eh?

This morning we run down to Ft Eustis to get her ID card renewed.

Then we go have lunch with some of my old buddies from Langley.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Hold Music

The dancing bikers had me rolling in the aisle.

Serious road time. Up to Virginia today and back to Bama tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday morning sleep-in #107

So it begins.

But everybody knows there's no easy way to catch Ebola.
You basically have to gargle with an infected person's vomit or something to catch it.


Now excuse me while I go wrap myself in fucking Saran Wrap (TM).



Disclaimer:  That's not really a picture of me. I remain constantly amazed at what you can find on the internet.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Morning Coffee #127

Sorry about yesterday. 

I was trying to do a progressive liberal statist rant thing. I got it wrong when I started bad-mouthing Obamacare. No proglibstat weenie would ever say anything bad about Obamacare.
Reading it again this morning caused a cognitive dissonance serious enough to make my head vibrate in a wavering tone like an unbalanced tuning fork.

Skidmark's comment brought home to me the fact that there are many questions out there that I don't actually want to know the answer to; questions like, "How many ignorant twaddles are out there who would gleefully sign away their freedoms for an illusion of safety?"

Let's check the news

Seven Witchcraft Suspects Burned to Death in Tanzania


Borepatch earned his man card

The hard way

This one's for you, Patch.

Inappropriate Humor in 3...2...

Friday, October 10, 2014

On Responsibility

I have read several blogs and other news articles about the irresponsible manner in which this whole Ebola crisis has been handled. For the most part, I am in agreement with this point of view.
Time and again we have watched this "JV Team" stumble and fumble the ball.
They brought infected doctors back here from Africa for treatment and somehow, luckily, no one else was infected during that fiasco. Then we watched in horror is the news broke about a man who traveled here from Liberia carrying the disease.
Where are the travel restrictions that should have already been in place? How could we keep our borders open during this time of great danger?
My unease grew as we learned how this one infected person's case was grossly mishandled, how he was sent home while symptomatic, spreading little Ebola germs everywhere for two extra days. All due to the current operating parameters imposed on our health care system by "Obamacare".
I'm sure that, within the next few weeks, we are going to see several more cases of Ebola crop up here in the United States.

It's time for President Obama to step up and do the right thing.

Think about it. How irresponsible would it be to force all the resident of a given area to gather in one place during this time of great danger?
All it would take is for one infected person to cough on the table at the entrance to the polling place, and thousands could be infected in one day. To allow the election process to go forward in November is tantamount to murder, on a scale that would make our administration guilty of crimes against humanity.

These mid-term elections must be put on hold until this danger has passed. President Obama should sign an executive order immediately. Suspend the mid-term elections until at least the end of the year, or longer as necessary to get us past this terrible crisis.

The only way we're going to get through this is to trust in the people we elected to lead us.
Whatever they do,I know they're doing it to keep us safe.